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Monel Bolting
Types Of Monel Fasteners
Common Name
Hexagon Bolts
Alloy 400
Monel 400 ®
Threaded Bolts
Alloy K500
Monel K500 ®
Self Drilling Bolts
SUNRISE MACHINATION LLP manufactures Monel 400 & Monel K500 Bolts, Monel 400 & Monel K500
Stud Bolts , Monel 400 & Monel K500 Nuts, Monel 400 & Monel K500 Washers, Monel 400 &
Monel K500 Screws & Monel 400 & Monel K500 Machined Parts to your custom specifications or
drawing with assured quality & delivery. Monel Nickel-Copper Alloy 400 & K500 is a solid solution
binary Alloy combining high strength and toughness over a wide temperature range with excellent
resistance to many Corrosive properties. Alloy 400 has been used at temperatures up to
800°F-1000°F in Sulphur-free Oxidizing atmospheres. It also displays excellent Mechanical Properties
at sub-zero temperatures since it does not undergo a ductile-to-brittle transition even at such temperatures. This alloy is strengthened by cold work and is readily fabricated.
Monel Alloy 400 is a solid-solution Alloy that can be hardened only by cold working. It has high
strength and toughness over a wide temperature range and excellent resistance to many
Corrosive environments.
K-500 Alloy has similar properties to Monel 400 Alloy, but has the added feature of age Hardening
to achieve a higher strength and hardness, This is due to the addition of Aluminum and Titanium.
K-500 Alloys strength is maintained to temperatures as high as 1200 F, yet stays tough and ductile
to temperatures down to -423 F. Along with staying non-magnetic down to -210 F.
Carriage Bolts
U Bolts
J Bolts
Eye Bolts
Set Screws
Studbolts / Engineer Studs
Socket Screws & Socket Cap Screws
Monel Alloy 400 & K 500 is widely used in many fields, especially Marine and Chemical Processing,
Valves and Pumps, also used in, Chemical Processing Equipment, Marine Fixtures and Fasteners,
Oil & Gas Industries, Fresh Water Tanks, Petrolium Industries, Process Vessels and
Boiler Feed Water Heaters, De-aerating Heaters, and Other Heat Exchangers
Socket Countersunk Screws
Washers & Nuts
Machined Parts
Our Products in Monel Bolting
Types of Bolts / Studs / Screws
Types of Heads
Types Of Nuts
Types Of Washers
Types of Threading
Types of Machined Parts
Manufacturing Standards for Bolting
Hexagon Bolts
Flat Head
Hex Nuts
Flat / Sqaure Washers
Customised Machined Parts
Self Drilling Bolts
Square Head
Jam Nuts
Spring Washers
Propellar Shaft & Keel Bolts
Carriage Bolts
Oval Head
Nyloc Nuts
Fender Washers
Process Vessel Parts
J bolts / U Bolts
Round Head
Cap Nuts
Finishing Washers
Boiler Feed Water Heater Parts
Eye Bolts
Hex Head
Flanged Nuts
Split Lock Washers
Heat Exchanger Parts
Set Screws
Pan Head
Tee Nuts
External Tooth Lock
Studbolts / Engineer Studs
Truss Head
Square Nuts
Internal Tooth Lock
Socket Cap Screws
Hex Washers Head
Lock Nuts
Dock Washers
Socket Countersunk Screws
Slotted Hex Washers Head
Coupling Nuts
OGEE Washers
Left Hand Threading
Socket Setscrews
Socket Caps Head
Castle Nuts
Sealing Washers
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